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The Ring Pop is All Grow Up


What was childhood without Ring Pops, Candy Necklaces, and Macaroni Art?! Yes, I guess my fascination with jewelry was worse than I thought, and apparently I’m not the only one. While looking for a couple of ideas and designers, I ran into and interesting set of artists that are fusing the luxury of jewelry with the decadence of confectionary art. Some of them are chefs, some of them are jewelers, but clearly they all have a knack for bringing these two worlds together in a creative way. I don’t know about wearing these on the daily but definitely worth sharing.

Escriba: A jewelry designer based in Spain, this is the adult version take of the beloved Ring Pop as seen on Martha Stewart’s Bride’s Guide the designer catered Dylan’s Candy Bar owner, Dylan Lauren, bridal shower and it makes perfect sense. Out of all the ones I’ve seen, these have to be my favorites.

WD107286disrings017 candyglamrings

Wendy Mahr: A jewelry designer with a very elegant and sophisticated esthetic. She designs and creates pieces using precious and semiprecious stones like corals, fresh water pearls, quartz, the works. She has taken that same sophistication and created a collection of gold leaf covered chocolate accessories, these are so cute.

chocolate_earrings_wm430px chocolate_necklace_wm430p chocolate_ring_wm430

Crisan Bakery: Has managed to bring their confectionery expertise to create out-of-the-box and very bold pieces of jewelry.


Finally, there’s always the DIY side of things, and blogger 1FineCookie managed to find and share a recipe on how to make rock candy jewelry to create these.

apinterestIMG_6446-1024x683 apinterestIMG_6605-1024x683




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