Sprucing Up Outerwear

I must say, adjusting to the winter time is such a hassle sometimes. The temperature is one thing, but having to layer up until you can’t move is one of those things I don’t look forward to. Anyways, one of my favorite blogs PS I MADE THIS has come up with some clever ways to spruce up those bland winter accessories into great must have statement pieces.

Fist up, we have the beanie bedazzle, a great and super simple way to transform a boring little beanie. I love this because you can obviously play with colors, textures and the kind of “jewels” you can sew into it.


Another spin on an outerwear icon is the gloves/glovette. Such a clever way to come up with this, what I like so much about it is the simplicity and the huge difference it makes on the glovette, so simple and adds so much. Definitely jewels to consider including in your outerwear selection, especially when you want to make them stand out.



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