Monthly Gem

Etsy Pick of The Week

It was really hard to decide this week, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I love turquoise so much or simply that there’s so many talented designers using them. So, I’m sharing two of the Etsy stores that caught my eye.

Joy Dravecky has a great style, she’s based out of San Francisco, her pieces are very feminine yet contemporary without being overly trendy. Her esthetic reminds me of the Irene Neuwirth designs, but with a more casual and almost boho chic twist. I love how she frames the stones in gold and combines with textured geometrics, very pretty.


On the other hand, Zamarut Jewels blows the hippie and bohemian out of the water. I love how she highlights stones with bold shapes and works the metal settings to give them a tribal feel. Definitely one of my favorites.

il_570xN.536298147_l99f il_570xN.536742089_51bm


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