Monthly Gem

December’s Gemstone

December’s here!!!

And according to The American Gem Society there are three stones of the month: Tanzanite, Zircon, and one of my favorites– Turquoise. When I first started designing and creating jewelry I would always look for this stone. It’s color makes it perfect for statement pieces, there are so many tone, shape and polish variations, the possibilities are endless.


The stone is used a lot in bohemian or bohemian-inspired designs, but I’ve seen them surrounded by diamonds too. It is so versatile, and again it is all about the color with this one. For example, during last year’s Golden Globes, Heidi Klum walked the red carpet with one of the most stunning turquoise necklaces I’ve ever seen (and believe me I’ve seen a lot). Made my celebrity designer, Lorraine Schwartz (who every jewelry designer wants to be when they grow up).  The necklace was the epidemy of turquoise glamour– what would you call dozens of turquoises surrounded by diamonds? It was gorgeous, and of course the cocktail ring was another great accent.



From the red carpet to street style, there are a couple of Etsy designers I’ve found with great esthetic and an eye for choosing great ways to feature this gorgeous stone:

A Touch of Amaris uses simplistic lines to highlight raw and uncut pieces of turquoise. This pair of earrings says it all, they are modern with a bohemian twist and a great accent for a casual day on the town.


Another great Etsy find was Callisto Jewelry, the Canada based designer carries an amazing collection of statement rings, this turquoise one takes the cake for sure.



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