Inspired by Extravagance

Inspired by a Teddy Bear



I know I’ve focused a lot on handmade and jewelry creations inspired by big designer names. However, I want to share a brand that is very close to my heart. For over ten years now, I can say I’ve been adding pieces to my collection, and by no means is it a large one. Tous is a Spanish jewelry brand started by Salvador Tous and his wife Ana Oriol. What started as a watch making business in Spain has now turned into one of the biggest Spanish jewelry houses. The Tous brand is based on a simple concept: the teddy bear. All designs have the distinctive shape and elude to them in one way or another. As a teenager I thought they we’re very cute designs, but now, as the brand has blossomed, it has really turned into an icon across generations; and I can vouch for that. As the brand gained momentum it launched additional jewelry collections, sunglasses, handbags, you name it. They’re designs range from very high end designs to basic staples for day to day wear. Here are a couple of pics I found that really portray what the brand is about and you wouldn’t believe how far they’ve come since I’ve known about them.

1472925_10152110344096926_64393138_n555827_10152080672711926_1122247617_n 1474622_10152110343901926_1554870676_n



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