Inspired by Extravagance

What ever happened to sprinkles on a sundae?


When describing desserts words we often use words like, indulgent and decadent, but there’s a little place in NYC that’s become famous for extravagance in their desserts. I know, I know… why am I talking about desserts?  Because when Serendipity decided to add the Golden Opulence Sundae to their menu in, they were serving more of an edible bauble than and ice cream sundae. At 1,000 the dessert has everything from caviar to add gold dragets and it’s served in a Baccarat crystal goblet. With this dessert the Upper East Side restaurant has gained a lot of buzz, and attracted celebrity guests from all over the place.


Golden Opulence Sundae


Frozen Haute Chocolate

It doesn’t stop there, Serendipity 3 owner, Stephen Bruce, partnered in 2007 with renowned luxury jewelers Euphoria NY to create an even more expensive and buzz worthy offering. The unlikely partnership led to the concoction, and Guinness World Record Breaking Frozen Haute Chocolate, a twist on one of their best selling desserts, the Frozen Hot Chocolate. Aside from uber high quality ingredients, and luxury chocolates it is sprinkled with edible gold and comes in a diamond incrusted goblet  and eaten with a gold spoon covered in diamonds, because if you’re eating gold you might as well avoid the silverware…. right? And can’t forget a diamond bracelet decorates the entire thing. At $25,000 for the dessert, it is probably not one of their best sellers, but I’m sure the buzz has been great for their regular Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Back to the real world, whether your looking to entertain, or just play around with some sweets, here are a couple of ideas from PS I Made This, to inspire your own Golden Opulence, even add a couple of edible gems.  This is such a simple and fun project, I’m going to make these for sure. Click away!


Gold N’ Silver Cookies


Chocolate Bling


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