Monthly Gem

Golden Stone November

November’s here… and that only means one thing! A new gem of the month, this time: Citrine. Topaz is also considered as another birthstone for November, but we can revisit that later. I chose Citrine because it has a gorgeous golden yellow tone and can add a nice color accent. According to GemSelect , the stone is a variation of Quartz that is treated with light and changes colors depending on the heat it’s exposed to. Another fact is that Citrines for having healing properties and even bringing positive energy, prosperity, and success. It’s known as “Merchant’s Stone” because many business owners place them near cash registers to bring them success… I would stick to a marketing plan, but to each their own.

The stone, because of its many color variations, lends itself to so many design possibilities. These cocktail rings are on the edgy side for sure…

503064159_product_1      il_570xN.253767075

On the left, a Sevan Bicacki ring, with a bold citrine stone in the middle and surrounded by yellow and brown diamonds, YES diamonds obviously making it the luxury alternative with a price tag at a little over $23,000. To the right, a Druzy Golden citrine in a gold plated setting, from Etsy’s LoveMElizabeth.

While these are more refined and toned down designs:


To the left a gorgeous pair of Monica Vinader earrings from Net-A-Porter that go for over $1,000. To the right a druzy agate and citrine drop set from Etsy’s OhKuol.

Loving the edgy side of the Citrine, but I have to say the more sophisticated designs are so feminine and classy, I’m leaning towards those.


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