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Stirring Up the Witch’s Brew

Halloween is all most here!!!! In the case you are looking to cast spells this Halloween,  there are several routes you could take and designs you can consider to spruce up any old pointy hat outfit. You could bring a modern look to the old pointed hat ensemble by changing the hat for a turban with a gothic brooch, and you could add some statement pieces to make the outfit. Here are a couple of pieces with serious gem game that will complete your look in no time:

This is from Etsy’s Dark Elegance it is a great statement piece and has a lot of character, it’s made from lace, silver, and of course onyx.




You can add some color or compliment the goth feel of a nice choker with great rings, it’s important to balance your look but know where to use the exaggerated pieces to make that costume come to life. I loved the design’s on  Etsy’s Hypersensory Design, I have a thing for the unpolished and drusy stones, these work perfectly with the theme and bring a little mystique an interesting dimensions to the outfit. This one has quartz and black pearls wrapped in wire. Loving it.


You could also go all out with some nail armor to take the goth look to new heights, not sure you can use these year round, but are certainly a more upscale take to the plastic green with fingers, they are made out of brass and stones, and RavenEve Jewelry on Etsy has tons of designs like these:





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