Inspired by Extravagance

Fancy to Feline

There’s an elegance, poise, and a little mystery to them that is why I think there’s always a cat in Halloween parties, but mostly because it’s a pretty easy outfit to put together.  This is another one good Halloween costume idea, one that you can play with and either tone down or go all out, depending on the kind of party you’re going to.

There’s has been a trend towards head pieces with cat ears. Brands like Maison Michel have made cat ears fashionable to a point of reaching the mainstream, retailing for over $400 cat ears have become almost head jewels, and for Halloween $9.99 faux fur ears will not make the cut.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.09.46 PM

Depending on the occasion, we have to decide to either go all out with a crazy costume or keep it classy and stylish with a couple of accessories that can transform your outfit and the classic kitty cat is a great example. I found a useful DIY project thanks to PS I MADE THIS, that can help with making the best cat headpiece and its guaranteed to suit your style, because you’ll make it!


Add a statement choker to your outfit complete the feline look,  like this design from Etsy’s Nutcase Fashion, and finish off the look with a fierce cat eye.



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