Record Breaking

Beyond Diamonds

Just because diamonds are a girls’ best friend, doesn’t mean we can’t have any more! Though diamonds are one of the world’s most expensive gemstones, there are a few that are so rare that only a handful of people have even seen them. I know it’s not a Gemology or an Earth Science lesson, but I needed to round up the five most extravagant, expensive, and rare gemstones in the world, with some help from luxury site, The Richest.

Jadeite: a variation of Jade, a single carat of this stone goes for $3M

Red Diamond: the gemstone can go up to $2.5M per carat, the rare stone has been found mostly in Australia

Serendibite: At up to $2M per carat, this rare stone looks black and appears to be matte, but when put against light/fire it shows yellow, blue, and green hues.

 Blue Garnet: Garnets are usually found in burgundy and deep red hues, each carat of this stone can go for $1.5M

Grandidierite: this rare light turquoise gem might look like an acquamarine, but unlike it, each carat goes for $100,000

…I’ll take one of each!


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